Alpha Motors Segment T

The Segment T is the second in a series of unconventional transport vehicles built by SLA Industries’ Alpha Motors subsidiary. Like the name suggests the vehicles of the Segment series consist of a number of different sections that are linked to one another via articulated joints, making the whole vehicle resemble a segmented worm. Each section mounts its own set of two independent wheels along with the necessary energy and propulsion systems in an under floor arrangement providing 40000 hours worth of operational time.

The model T, the largest and heaviest of the vehicles in the series, sports a total of twelve sections. In standard configuration these consist of a frontal cab section, followed by two crew sections providing limited accommodations and work space, and a total of nine transport sections, of which the third and sixth sport large side doors, while the ninth and last is equipped with a back loading ramp.

The Segment T is sold for 18000c in its standard configuration.

Game Use:

Type Transporter Max Speed 170 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 10/900 Max Crew/Passengers 2/6

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