Capillary Injection Blade

Fine channels inside the Capillary Injection Blade run perpendicular to the single edge of the knife’s straight blade. The channels end in minuscule pores along the edge.

Connected to a reservoir and compressed air charge in the hilt, pre-loaded compounds can be delivered via cuts and stabs.

When mounting a vacuum charge instead, attacks with the Capillary Injection Blade may be used to obtain full blood draws from the victim.

A Capillary Injection Blade weights 0.4 kg.

The weapon costs 40c, fitting compressed air and vacuum charges costs 1c each.

Game Use:

Capillary Skill Blade, 1-H DAM 1 PEN 0 AD 0

If a hit with a Capillary Injection Blade causes a wound, blood may be drawn or the loaded substance may be injected.

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