This robust light power armour is optimised for extended operations. Though boasting reinforced ceramics to withstand more punishment without risk of systems failure both the protective qualities of the suit and the power chassis with 8000 hours are standard for its class. Where it comes into its own is with its fully enclosed life support good for 8 hours without recharging on sealed tanks and practically unlimited endurance with open filters, and the comfort-fit placement of plates and easy-wear padding, which prevent chaffing and tiring of muscles. It is perfectly possible to sleep in a suit of Slaughtermaster, and no part of the armour has to be removed for eating, drinking or any other activity.

Slaughtermaster power armour retails for 1500c.

Game Use:

Slaughtermaster PV 7 Head 20 Torso 45 Arms 35 Legs 38

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