Heroes Inc. Airbrush

The Airbrush heavy support cannon is a man-portable magnetic accelerator cannon for providing heavy firepower to Heroes Inc. security forces and infantry formations. Physically the weapon already looks brutal and intimidating with its overlong ribbed barrel, indicating the location of its acceleration coils, the twin feed mechanisms and large firing lever assembly. All this gives a first hint of the destruction the Airbrush is capable of. 25mm shells can be loaded from either one of the two ammo ports, both of which can accept five round clips or belts, which allows for selective firing of high explosive grenades to combat lightly armoured infantry or to render indirect fire support or armour-piercing cluster rounds, densely packed with penetrators which spread out in the manner of shot fired from a shotgun and can devastate hardened targets from infantry in heavy power armours to vehicles. Both kinds of ammunition can be fired with high accuracy over extended ranges due to continuous acceleration down the entire length of the Airbrush’s barrel.

An Airbrush cannon can accept all kinds of accessoires, and is often mounted on a waldo, being fired from the hip even while on the move. It weights 21 kg.

The price tag of the Airbrush is listed as 4000D by Heroes Inc., though sales are limited to specially trained security personnel. Ammunition is sold for 0.5D in the case of armour-piercing cluster rounds, and 2D for high explosive grenades.

Game Use:

Airbrush Clip 5(x2) Calibre 25mm ROF 1 Recoil 8 Range 200m

25mm Cannon Explosive Blast Rating 12 PEN 3

Explosive rounds use grenade rules.

25mm Cannon Cluster PEN 20 DAM 18 AD 8

Cluster rounds use shot rules.

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