Heroes Inc. Feather

The Feather is a light back-up weapon system of unusual design, produced by Heroes Inc. of Venture. The flat box houses magnetic accelerators and a single razor disc – barely smaller than the box itself – for ammunition. The box is fitted to the side of a helmet, so that the firing path aligns with the bearer’s visual axis. Merely looking thus becomes synonymous with taking aim.

The Feather can also be worn with a headband for unarmoured use, though accuracy suffers in such a configuration.

As with much of their weapons and armour Heroes Inc. does not export the Feather.

On Venture a Feather costs 800D and razor discs sell for 2D.

Game Use:

Feather Clip 1 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 2m

Razor disc PEN 4 DAM 8 AD 4

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