01010-01101/01101 – programs for SLA Industries

Day 01101

Nomnom is a universal tv digest application, scanning up to 3,000 channels in parallel for a maximum combined total of 20,000 hours of material and preparing high level summaries of programme contents in a variety of formats.

Nomnom is available for free to SLA Industries employees.

(In fact, Nomnom is financed via advertising. The contents of any advertisements recorded by the software are included in its summaries, a feature that is common to all available report formats and cannot be deactivated.)

Game Use:

[I don’t want to think about the 0x11111 potential programs d6ideas might come up with for SLA Industries.]
-Michael of Jaegers.net, upon announcing his “source code, machine code and fuzzy logic” RPG bloggers’ carnival (link in German)

Challenge accepted.

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