Synaptic Communicator – sciene-gone-too-far in Warhammer 40,000

Synaptic Communicator

Ever since the first Tyrannic war, unscrupuluous techpriests, radical inquisitors and other shadowy individuals have tried to harness the power of the unholy xenos’ biologic technology and mesh it with imperial tech and even the sacred human body. The synaptic communicator is one of the products of their vile experimentation.

A synaptic communicator is an implant consisting of a re-tasked mind impulse unit mated to harvested Tyrannic neural tissue thought to be closely associated with the xenos’ connection to the hive mind.

Once implanted, it allows a recipient to telepathically communicate with other bearers of such implants. This does not require psionic talent or any kind of test. The range is equal to the lowest Willpower bonus of all characters participating in the communication in kilometres. The communication is neither susceptible to ordinary vox scrambling or eavesdropping, nor to most sources of psychic interference.

If a character implanted with a synaptic communicator ever needs to make a test to resist the influence of the Tyranid hive mind or mental powers of a Tyranid creature, he fails automatically.

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