Ion Spear – an artifact for SLA Industries

Ion Spear

Still sometimes recovered drifting through deep space, Ion Spears are a testament to the technology and culture of the Conflict Era Shaktar.

Since before the beginning of history, throwing a spear unto the enemy’s territory had been the pivotal component of declaring war for the Shaktar of K’n’th. Only after this had been done, were attacks upon the enemy permissible, although any warrior and clan was free to defend himself in case of attack.

Ion Spears were the technologically advanced Shaktars’ of the Conflict Era answer to the dilemma forced upon this when this ancient and honoured tradition clashed with the realities of wars fought over interstellar distances.

An Ion Spear would be instantly recognisable even to a clan warrior of K’n’th antiquity, as the only thing separating it from an traditional war spear is the miniaturised one-use ion drive added to it. Once thrown with sufficient force, the drive activates in flight, accelerating the spear so that it may cross the empty void and herald to an unsuspecting world the Shaktar’s intention to invade.

Game Use
An Ion Spear is a simple throwing weapon. Although its ion drive allows it to be thrown across interstellar distances. To hit a planetary body or similar target over such vast distances, the to hit roll has to be made using the lower of Throw and Space Navigation.
The ion drive only activates if the Ion Spear is thrown with a Strength of at least 11 or more.

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