Zero Shield

The Zero Shield uses a high-powered cooling unit to bring its parrying surface down to temperatures so low, metal, ceramics and composites will become brittle, deform or even shatter on their own accord as the sudden freezing rips their structure asunder and the hard impact on the shield’s surface sends shock waves through the material.

The Zero Shield comes with an internal energy supply lasting 1000 hours and can be connected to an armour’s power system drawing about 5 hours worth of motive energy for every hour of operation.

The Zero Shield weighs 2.5 kg.

A single shield costs 1200c.

Game Use:

The Zero Shield has PV 8 and ID 40.

A successful parry with the Zero Shield will shatter common weapons. The Zero Shield takes full AD before the weapon is destroyed.

An unarmed melee attack which is parried with a Zero Shield results in the attacker being subjected to 4 points of damage, which may cause a wound. Any armour worn suffers the same amount of AD.

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