Edward Feedtubes

SLA Equipment
The business end of Edward Feedtubes consists of a set of three tentacle-like tubes worn worn along the forearm but which can extend over the back of the user’s hand to be inserted into a suitable source of nutrients. The sharp edges around the tubes’ openings can be used to cut or pierce and also elute digestive designer enzymes that liquify solid food. Active suction transports liquid – or liquified – food past the branching of the three end tubes into a central tube, that runs up the arm and terminates in a mouth piece.

Plastic composites and ceramics are used in the construction of the frame and surfaces of the Edward, while their inner workings are biogenetic, including not only the enzyme production and delivery, but also the suction and the movement of the end tubes, both achieved by a lining of muscular tissue sandwiched between the inner and outer plastic layers.

Edward Feedtubes can be used together with most makes of powered armour, requiring only appropriate ports to allow the end tubes to deploy while having the mouth piece within the helmet.

Edward Feedtubes cost 3c.

Game Use:

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