SLA Equipment
The Steamo is marketed as an environment and infractucture friendly alternative to flamethrowers for use in room clearing and general combat in densely built-up urban and industrial terrain. Outwardly, it resembles the most common image of the type of weapon it is touted to replace, with an armoured backpack connected via a composite mesh reinforced hose to a firing nozzle with a pistolgrip and trigger. What makes all the difference is what is carried within the backpack – a tank of water and a high powered flash heating unit and compressor, letting the Steamo belch forth a widening cloud of super-heated steam with every pull of the trigger, scalding anyone not encased in fully insulated armour, heat-cracking the composite shells of lesser quality protection.

The Steamo runs off filtered water and its internal 5000 hours energy supply.

Fully loaded it weighs 8 kg. It retails for 560c.

Game Use:
Steamo Clip 5 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 5m Radius 2m

Hit DAM 7 PEN 4 AD 1

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