Conqueror’s Sword

SLA Equipment
Named after a legendary weapon of Shaktar myth, this powered melee weapon is designed to be fixed to a Shaktar warrior’s tail. Twin advanced construction vibro-blades run either side of the terminal section of the appendage coming together in a blunt tip that projects beyond the tail’s natural length. The blades are configured to optimise for hacking and slashing moves with the full strength and bulk of the Shaktar’s body behind them.

The Conqueror’s Sword weight, including its 5000 hours user life power pack, is 2 kg. It retails for 95c.

Game Use:
Conqueror’s Sword Skill Unarmed DAM 4 PEN 3 AD 4

Only Shaktar or Stormers with Lash Vertebrae Elongation can properly use a Conqueror’s Sword.

The Conqueror’s Sword allows a Shaktar (or a Stormer with Lash Vertebrae Elongation) to split attacks.

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