SLA Equipment
Even for operatives there are heavily enforced restriction on the procurement, possession and use of explosives and thermal devices – and for good reason, given the pecularities of the old, densely built up, three dimensional urban-industrial environment of Mort.

CLAY provides operatives and other corporate personnel with options for situations, in which destructive force usually associated with fire and explosives is required but actual explosions or thermal reactions cannot be employed.

CLAY is an easily moldable and naturally adhesive plastic compound. It is inert until electrically triggered, but once a current is applied, CLAY expresses aggressive acidic properties, quickly eating its way through almost any material with only a comparatively modest release of thermal energy.

CLAY is sold at 8c per 100 grams of compound, in pre-packaged blocks between 0.1 and 5 kg of weight and available in various colour variations.

Game Use:

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