SLA Equipment
Manufactured in 10mm auto, 12mm, and 12.7mm calibres, APEX bridges the gap between common AP and HEAP ammunition.

One round of 10mm auto, 12mm, and 12.7mm APEX costs 3c, 5c, and 6c, respectively, bullet tax included.

Game Use:
10mm auto APEX Pistol PEN 7 DAM 3 AD 2

12mm APEX Pistol PEN 10 DAM 4 AD 2

12.7mm APEX Pistol PEN 11 DAM 6 AD 4

10mm auto APEX Rifle PEN 8 DAM 6 AD 2

12mm APEX Rifle PEN 11 DAM 7 AD 2

12.7mm APEX Rifle PEN 12 DAM 11 AD 4

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