More Elysian Fey Slaves: Laughing Fey – a magic item for Freeya

Mehr Feensklaven
Freeya, too, posits fey as free, often powerful, often capricious spirit beings, both natural and supernatural. The Elysian Empire claims to be rooted in such natural forces but more than that, it also claims lordship over them. The fey slaves who swarm around high ranking Elysians are perhaps the most visible token of this claim to absolute rulership.

Fey Slaves
These small winged creatures have no will of their own owing to Elysian magic and the divine power of the Elysian God Emperor. Fey slaves are treated as magic items and not as creatures.

They are weightless and do not occupy any space on their owner’s body. Instead, they float and flit around close to their owner until they receive a command. For storage purposes they are often placed in small cases or bottles, to supress their glowing, humming, and flapping or other distraction or attention.

Laughing Fey (rare)
This fey has tiny dimples and the edges of its mouth are continuously twitching. Whenever its owner tells a joke, the fey starts laughing loudly. Its laughter is so contagious, that it affects all creatures, including its owner, within 10 ft as hideous laughter with a DC of 11. The fey stops laughing after 1 minute or when ordered to do so by its owner, who are incapable of doing so, though, if they are also laughing.

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