Dart Gun

SLA Equipment
Celiban’s dart guns are a step up from the chronically conventional competition, using high power magnetic accelerator coils instead of a limp wristed air soft launch to propel their projecticles. This results in superior range, accuracy and – perhaps most critical in today’s increasingly armoured environment – penetration power.

Individual darts can be selectively fired from the high capacity internal magazine without a need for cumbersome manual loading to switch between specific payloads.

Celiban dart guns accept standard sights.

They weight 2.4 kg and cost 780c.

Game Use:
Dart Gun Clip 18 Calibre Dart ROF 1 Recoil 0 Range 16m

Dart PEN 5 DAM 1 AD 1

If the dart causes a wound, it also delivers one dose of whatever substance it was loaded with.

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