Dead Man’s Pulse – a new ship component for Rogue Trader

Dead Man’s Pulse (Supplemental Component)
Dead Man’s Pulse is just one of many euphemisms used to describe a host of technologies used to prevent succesful mutinies by any means necessary. The particular moniker is most often applied to massive radiation pulse generators set to flood a vessel’s interior with deadly doses of hard radiation if her commander does not regularly confirm teir continued control. Other variations include a central dead man switch for opening the containment on the plasma drives, installing all crew members with bomb collars, or rigging tanks of corrosive nerve gas to the life sustainers.

Borrowed Time: Permanently reduce Morale by 3.

Fatal Reset: At any time during a mutiny including after the mutineers manage to wrest control of the vessel, an explorer may decide to activate the Dead Man’s Pulse. If it is activated, the ship suffers 10d10 Crew Population damage and the mutiny ends.

Appropriate Hull Types: Any
Power: 1
Space: 0
SP: 1

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