(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Glitz-Glitz, der Rattenmann – a pirate for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Day 19: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Glitz-Glitz, der Rattenmann
Glitz-Glitz is an abominable rat-pirate. The lost skaven pup was caught by a travelling freakshow who mistook him for an abandoned mutant child. When he escaped, he found himself all alone in the sewers below Bögenhafen. There he grew up, watching the humans, not without being sighted himself and giving rise to tales and nursery rhymes of the “Rattenmann” below. From his small and leaky boat, he preys upon those using his sewers as a mode of transport or a place to hide, such as smugglers, thieves and street urchins. When he feels especially daring, which is seldom and only at night, he even ventures out into the harbour to sneak aboard ships or attack other boats out on illegitimate business.

Abominable rat-person.

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