A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 11: Arctic Summer Summer Dress – a summer day for SLA Industries

Day 11: SLA Industries

Arctic Summer Summer Dress
While the Racial Equality Program made sure that everyone would pay the same for the same dress, what use is tat, if you cannot wear it?
Arctic Summer brings a whole new level of equality to the World of Progress as the first summer dress that can be worn by Wraith Raiders without a full coolant suit under it.
The body of the Artic Summer cleverly hides a set of high powered cooling elements and both shoulders come with biosensors and patches for transdermal application of temperature regulators.
Power, coolant and drug supplies are sufficient for 6 hours in Mort summer conditions, and are not readily rechargable – but then again, who want’s to be seen in the same dress for more than a day?

7c off the rack.

All the money and marketing went into the cooling aspects, leaving the dresses somewhat desiring int the, well, dress department. The cut is unimaginatively simple and the Arctic Summer is available in yellow, two shades of blue, and in white with or without flower motif.

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