01010-00001/00000 – programs for SLA Industries

[I don’t want to think about the 0x11111 potential programs d6ideas might come up with for SLA Industries.]
Tarcs upon announcing his “source code, machine code and fuzzy logic” RPG bloggers carnival (links in German)

Challenge accepted.

The German version includes some more musings on how to go about this as well as a short introduction to the non-binary function of computers in SLA Industries for those unfamiliar with the game, but nothing much, really.


  1. Ich lerne Deutsch aber … jetzt spreche ich nur ein bisschen Deutsch.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more of the ideas! Maybe it’ll help me learn some German, too ;¬)


    1. The upcoming descriptions and rules are all going to be bilingual.

      Just with the introduction here I felt like German readers might benefit a bit more from a longer text – especially as the series will probably be linked to from some “non-SLA” places in the German net.

      English-speaking readers I assumed would likely be more aware of SLA and its background.

      Und viel Erfolg beim Lernen! 🙂


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