0 – a contract killer for SLA Industries

Name: 0
Subject Code: LV98../000DX1012615
Description: Human
Crime: Theft of historical artifacts; operation and trafficking of controlled technologies
Department Contract: Archaeology
Bounty: 2,800c

Criminal Profile
0 has a slender built and seems to possess a dancer’s grace and fluid movements. In most of her promotional material, she wears either a red pant suit or a very formal evening dress, also in red.

Overall, she prefers a classic, yet elegant look, which makes her look bookish in comparison to all the other contract killers in the circuit.

The last time she has been seen in a contract killer match, she looked rather haggard and uncharacteristically clumsy.

Last Known Location
The World of Progress Museum for Conflict Societies on Mort. Since 0 travels frequently, it is hard to predict her whereabouts. However, her matches in the circuit can be considered fixtures and so far she has not missed a single one, despite any off-world assignments.

0 is an accomplished archaeologist, smuggler, arms dealer and purveyor of exotic and ancient artifacts. As a contract killer, she is being sponsored by various historical societies, which also use her services in the previously mentioned capacities.

She will use her various and often expensive archaeological findings in combat, making her highly unpredictable, because most of her equipment will be novel to any opponents – and to herself.

No matter her pick of weapons and armour, she will invariably be including a vintage SPIT high energy pistol as an equally reliable, showy and powerful backup choice.

Other Comments
Upon retrieval of blue-metallic box with ornamental engravings in possession of 0, an additional 300c will be awarded.

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