Ten Sceptres – on the tenth

10 Dinge zum 10.

  • The Sceptre of Action, a core of iron, encased in red gold glittering with the flickering glow of the ruby at its tip (carrier suffers a 10% experience penalty for hesitation or waiting, 7,000 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of the Frozen Moment, lifelike figures and scenes of filigree silver are encased within its body of clearest crystal glass (1,800 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of the Broken Mouth, ivory beset with broken humanoid incissors and sharp edged splinters of ruby set in rusted iron (+1 horseman’s mace, 8,000 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of Enemy Kings, brass and gold with a armillary sphere at its head made of golden crowns beset with topazes, rubies and emeralds with a clear diamond at its centre (map to places in lost kingdoms, 13,500 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of Slaughter, steel with a ceremonial head that is a hammer on one and a cleaver on the other side, engraved with scenes of sacrifice and the butcher’s life, the lower third wound in thin strips of various precious leathers (900 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of Shining Tears, weeping willow wood beset with sapphires and mercury rivets (carrier is immune to hideous laughter, sceptre permanently loses 90% of its value and its special power if it ever is warmed to above -39C, 9,000 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre of Paternal Lust, gold, pitchblende and sepiolite (2,350 g.p.)
  • The Double Sceptre of the Twice Divine Twins, two wound silver sceptres which can be screwed around one another, each topped by half a head with two faces, making a Janus head when the sceptres are wound around one another (1,200 g.p. individually, 4,800 g.p. together)
  • The Sceptre of the Defeated Hydra, gold with eleven stumps sealed with lead and a single platinum snake’s head with eyes of aquamarin and tiny emerald drops on its fangs (7,200 g.p.)
  • The Sceptre from the Yellow Vault, gold, topaz and amber, the lower half wound in lion fur, the upper engraved with a pattern of snake scale (11,000 g.p.)

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