10 BTLs for Shadowrun

10 Dinge zum 10.
>>>[I am fed up with it. I know that I have a problem, I don’t need you to tell me. Contrary to what you might think, chipping isn’t my problem, though. My problem is reality. I slot chips to get away from all this madness and indeed it does wonders for my sanity. Which leads to my current and pressing problem: My dealer will not be back here in small town Wisconsin before Sunday. I am dry. I am sitting in a house in the middle of nowhere, with a room full of left childrens’ hands in the cellar below me. That’s reality. Forensics are all done and now it’s down to the thinking. And I desperately need a break from that.


  • Collective 48, Lust – unrefined
  • Hiroki Sanders Estate feat. Flux White, Red Light Go!
  • John Nadir, Contemplation (looped)
  • Morgana Valley Meeting, Protocol
  • Left Hand of Fate, Grenzverletzung
  • Penthesilea, The Red Collection – Vol. III
  • Prim, Hunger (nano pleasure)
  • Salamandy, Burning Bridges
  • Shinto Hackers, Temple
  • Vectored Mind, Raw Flesh/Green Tea

10 chips for 4 days. This is madness.]<<< -Fed Up With It

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