10 BTLs for Shadowrun IV

10 Dinge zum 10.
>>>[I am fed up with it. All talk and posturing. Noone wants this investigation to get somewhere, noone wants any real investigating being done. But everything has to appear like there is a real commitment to solving the case. All talk and posturing. I have to concentrate on not actually thinking.

  • All Alone, case file 5/66
  • Beirut Express, Sizzling Light Cocoons of Enhanced Darkness IX
  • Finger Printers, Thumbs Only
  • Grimmige Beuteltiere, pränatal
  • Ishtar Twins, Back & 4th
  • Pent Up Agony, Past, Presence and Executioner
  • Peregrine, Focus
  • Shinto Hackers, Bell
  • Varvara, Pulling Back the Curtain
  • White Lie, Giant & To the Horizon

There’s something I am missing.]<<< -Fed Up With It

Part I,
Part II.
Part III.

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