10 Colours from the SLA Industries Colour Catalogue

10 Dinge zum 10.
Proprietary names for colours are one of those things that always come in useful when describing the brand jungle world of SLA Industries (e.g., in the SLA Industries Equipment Log or prominently in this previous 10 things article: 10 Colours Pink).

So practicing never hurts.

  1. Just White
  2. Unusual Green
  3. Oozing Black
  4. Inside Pink
  5. Slit Throat
  6. Button Blue
  7. Atonal Grey
  8. Disolving Green
  9. Flushed Veins Blue
  10. Old Dusty Sun

Honourable mention to the perpetual Bamboo Pepper, to Concerned Skeleton’s Ice Blue und Sunlight Orange from the pre-practice session, and to yandere’s Prismatic Pink (is the FEM AR also available in this?).

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