10 Dinge zum 10.
Navel gazing time!

Somehow, we managed to already do ten month-long thematic series of daily articles:

  1. October 2015Artificial creatures: From robotic sniper systems and stuffed animal golems to living songs and gene-modified space pilots.
  2. May 2016Science gone too far: With a surprising variety of stuff for supernatural prison guards, but also everything else from implants derived from alien nerve tissue, anime nerve gas, and Nobilis scrap booking.
  3. August 2016Loot-a-Day: In a vain attempt at warding off RPGaDay, we cut magical pigs in half and throw holy women into trash compactors – for loot.
  4. September 2016Homer-a-Day: It was a dare, more or less. A month of daily Homer-inspired articles for the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay family, including fifteen articles each for the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  5. October 201601010: It was a dare, more or less. A full month of computer programs from the world of SLA Industries, from AI viruses to computer games and from energy saver apps for powered armour to forsensic banking software.
  6. January 201728 enchantmens and 3 wishes: Not only did we write a lot about the wishes part of “enchantments and wishes” (and curses), but we also fulfilled some actual wishes from people who wanted to see specific articles along that theme.
  7. July 2017Days of Ruin: Ruins from postmodern and science-f(r)iction industrial ruins to burned out inns and hidden museums of the revolution in spaceand including a lot of Earthdawn ruins (and not just kaers, either).
  8. August 2017Rival-a-Day: 2017 we took the concept of a daily series to rival RPGaDay literally and presented two rivals each day as a rival to the daily RPGaDay, with our rivals ranging from rivalling contract killers, to windlings cleaving themselves in twain to have the rival halves fight one another, to rivalling brands of nail polish. Also, some other German bloggers actually started to participate in Rival-a-Day as well.
  9. December 2017A Chiphead’s Christmas Binge: One BTL per day, narrated by the the same Shadowrun character who also featured on our previous lists of 10 BTL chips each.
  10. December 2017Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide: Our second series this last December presented the eponymous shopping guide for SLA Industries characters looking for presents, whether that be scarves and neckties, books and music, home entertainment, tickets for a holiday trip, ponies or things going Bang!.

Not counting the one that started it all off, ArtifactaDay, because we only started that one half through the month of August, 2015.

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