XVIIIth Legion versus XXVth Legion – a rivalry for D&D

Rival-a-Day, Day 27

XVIIIth Legion
Like so many othe Elysian armies before it, the XVIIIth Legion is in the process of losing itself in the endless grey steppes of Nashzar. Even though morale holds firm, especially after the legion’s skilled commander recently managed to achieve a resounding victory against one the grey hordes, an unbroken spirit and intact discipline do precious little to alleviate the problems caused by a severe shortage of supplies and the many dead and wounded, mostly among the legion’s slave soldiers.

XXVth Legion
For an Elysian contingent in Nashzar, the XXV. Legion finds itself in an unusally comfortable position, since its commander managed to incorporate a large number of fresh slave troops originally destined for the XVIIIth into the legion’s ranks. The resulting preponderance of lightly armed and generally less motivated slave soldiers does reduce the legion’s overall fighting strength in relation to its much increased size but in the long drawn out attritional fighting against the goblins, this appears like an attractive trade off, at least for now.

Freeya again. And a revisitation of an older concept (for generating army descriptions).

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