What is … FibrePunk?

Wordle Fibre Punk EN… blut_und_glas' question is answered this time by Nogger, Prime, Pythia, Shadom, yennico and blut_und_glas himself. These answers create seeds for new genres and settings, new technologies, new forms of magic, and new subcultures, without being bound to specific games or systems
Fibre Punk is:


Fibre Punk is a new fashion trend which adapts the punks' inclination for piercings, but uses fibe glass elements instead of metal.



Fibre Punk is a movement to spread low cost net access to the world, co-opting the term fibre but referring to any connection method, in order to upset the powers that be. Fibre punks range from eccentric billionaires donating tools to poor DIY people constructing mesh networks in South America. They're not united by any leader, but by a common cause to end the digital divide.



Fibre Punk is
a) a slang term for netrunners or hackers, who access the matrix/net by hacking without paying any money for the use of the net.
b) the name of a netrunner/hacker movement. Their device is "the access to information has always to be free". They hack telecommunication companies and publish the codes for free net usage on bulletin boards.



Fibre/Fiber Punk is a genre in which there is inherit magic in any form of fiber texture. As such cloth, knitting and even spider webs are somewhat magical. A well sewn textile figure comes to life all by itself given enough time, a jacket worn long enough begins adding its own strength to the movements of its wearer. It says that every object made of fibers will absorb and copy the souls of anything around bit by bit. Worn for half your life without break your clothing may be able to keep your body going long after your dead, if you will still be yourself.. that is another question.



Fibre Punk: A term for electronical music where the musicians gather on the internet and create their piece online and distribute it for free, often used as a cover for a virus.



Fibre Punk is the name of the band casted by in a TV show. In their music the musicians mix synth-pop elements with punk elements. The members wear gothic clothing on stage.



With the introduction of "Computerized Fibres", i.e. flexible computer components woven into clothing, Fibre punk appeared as a new fashion trend. It drops the commonplace electronic applications carried by the masses and such creates an understated luddite appearance. Actually, it maximises the amount of available personal electronics but does so in a decent and hidden way. Fibre Punk sees itself as a protest movement against the obnoxious use of personal electronics in public.



Fibre punk is based around the technology called "fibres" in common slang. These are ultra-efficient artificial muscles, that can be almost effortlessly grafted to an existing frame, including the human body.
The rise and general proliferation of this technology amongst the populace has led to a resurgence of a "hands-on" very physically oriented mentality, where problems are not being analysed, thought over, or discussed but solved right away – using nothing but deft hands and a strong back.
The dark side of this is a tendency for conflict between individuals and groups quickly flaring into violence.
A "fibre punk" is one who has embraced the technology and its accompanying philosophy to the fullest extent. Obscenely muscled from massive fibre enhancement, and thirsting to exert his raw strength in work, play, and confrontation.



The economic collapse, the energy starvation and the general breakdown of civilization when resources where used up gave rise to the ultra-green movements which govern earth today with a fundamentalist and totalitarian suppression of any "non-sustainable" technology. But even their draconic limitations to regrowing resources, energy conservation and natural decomposition have not kept human ingenuity to find new ways to build a better live. The new corporations are as greedy, expansionist and ruthless as ever – even if they build everything from plant fibres and power their devices with photosynthesis. Welcome to the world of Fibre Punk!

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