Crib Encounters – 10 background details for SLA Industries

10 little random encounters for Slayer’s Crib (or other BPN halls):

  1. “Pacing” is the sudden comment from the operative next in line. For an explaination, he gestures at the feet of the queing operatives as they shuffle forward. “Parkinson’s. Typical symptom.” His SCL card identifies him as a Medical Operative.
  2. The speakers bellow: “Last call for operative squad Clingy-not-Needy! Operative squad Clingy-not-Needy to counter 419b! This is the last call!” It is the first time, this counter or this squad is mentioned in any of the dispatches.
  3. Leaning back against a free standing bar table, a man in a suit gets a blowjob from two kneeling operatives, while wriggling a BPN card before their eyes.
  4. A crèche group of Stormers sit on the ground, devoutly watching one of the big TV screens showing a mix of cartoons and Gorezone clips.
  5. Near the center of the hall, an operative is selling sandwiches. He prepares them on a small vendor’s tray and toasts them in a sandwich maker attached to his MagHold system.
  6. Balancing a pyramid of ten coffees, an operative tries to navigate his way through the crowds. A pair of grinning Brain Wasters nudge each other and then make straight for his pathway.
  7. A small bored looking group of Frothers and a single human search for something to kill time with. After deciding on spin-the-syringe, the human looks at the ceiling, exasperatedly exclaiming “not again”.
  8. Sitting in a dingy plastic chair, a Vevaphon is trying to get its slowly melting face back under control. Its “what you lookin at?” comes from a makeshift mouth of sorts somewhere near its collar.
  9. A full squad of ten SHIVERs kicks an operative lying on the floor in front of a counter, while other operatives are gesturing and loudly demanding to know, when the counter will finally be free again.
  10. Surrounded by a swarm of Spotbee camera drones, a newcomer arrives at the hall. People are watching, trying to figure him out.


  1. Ich sag mal strange. Andererseits klingt es nach Flughafenschalter. Ich fühl mich am ehesten an Deadpool erinnert, wenn er sich neue Aufträge holt …


    1. Es ist das Arbeitsamt für Konzernauftragsmörderagentenmedienstars in einer kontinentumspannenden Alptraummetropole im Zentrum eines galaxisweiten Konzernimperiums. Was erwartest du?

      (Lass mich raten: Dass ich außer der The Red Star-Einführung auch noch eine SLA Industries-Einführung schreiben soll? … Blue Planet vielleicht auch noch?)


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