Veteran in Horror Hunting – a veteran for Earthdawn

For the seventh year it goes against RPG-a-Day. To the veterans of this never ending struggle.

Veteran-a-Day, Day 19

Veteran in Horror Hunting

Their experience can blind the veterans of the continuous fight against the horrors to the malice that breeds in the hearts and minds of simple namegivers.

An adept, who spent two or more entire circles – from attaining one to attaining the next over – fighting only horrors, their constructs, or creatures or namegivers tainted by them, gains a +1 bonus to their Physical, Spell, and Social Defense, but when fighting untainted namegivers suffers -2 to their Spell and -3 to their Social Defense.

for yennico (2/x)

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


  1. How about veteran Skyraider – or T´skrang Riverboat -, Pirate captains or sailors? 😉


    1. I went with the T’skrang.


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