Veteran of the Bloody Serpent – a veteran for Earthdawn

For the seventh year it goes against RPG-a-Day. To the veterans of this never ending struggle.

Veteran-a-Day, Day 21

Veteran of the Bloody Serpent

Most experienced T’skrang river pirates on the Serpent River can call upon more than just their ships and crew. So, too, the veterans of the Bloody Serpent. They know a secret half magical – or, as some malicious rumours have it blood magical – recipe, called the Blood of the Serpent, by which they can turn a considerable amount of water into a viscous, red slime in the blink of an eye, that can entrap entire vessels for a time if properly employed.

The contents of a flask, emptied into the Serpent next to our directly in front of a ship, half the affected vessel’s speed for three turns.

for yennico (3/x)

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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