Inkfoot’s Inkwell – an artifact for D&D

Logo_RSPKarnevalLike the signet ring of the God-Emperor, the inkwell is a non-edition-specific artifact created for Freeya, a campaign world that was in use across several groups.

Gibs are an apocryphal race for Freeya. Tiny, ugly, ratlike, winged creatures, who live hidden amongst the civilised races.

Inkfoot’s Inkwell

The nocturnal escapades of the gib Inkfoot were a constant source of rage and tears for the students of the Frozen City wizard’s academy. Morning after morning, they found their homework, their spellbooks, their carefully crafted first scrolls and even priceless volumes loaned from the academy’s library covered in foot and paw prints. The crumpled or outright missing pages, the crude drawings added to the books’ margins and the bite marks were only a nuissance compared to that.

However, mere students trying to put an end to all of this by using advanced spells gleaned from ill-understood scrolls – further hampered by all the ink found splattered across the scrolls – to construct a magical trap from an inkwell probably was not the brightest idea…

If any amount of ink from Inkfoot’s Inkwell comes into contact with a piece of writing (e.g., by trying to sign a letter or adding a spell to a spellbook), the piece of writing immediately and permanently becomes completely illegible and unusable. Letters and maps can no longer be decyphered, spellbooks can no longer be used to learn or prepare spells, scrolls can no longer be used to cast spells. It is impossible to reverse this effect. The curse of Inkfoot’s Inkwell is powerful enough to permanently destroy even artifact-level divine writings.

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