Tage des Ruins: Shurrush’s Mirrored Manor – a ruin for Earthdawn

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 20: Earthdawn.

Shurrush’s Mirrored Manor

This terribly run down ruin is the chosen home of Shurrush the illusionist. Over the course of many travels and adventures, Shurrush came to believe that the beautiful, precious and true which survived the Scourge or was created by Namegivers during and after it needs to be hidden from the coveting eyes of those who would corrupt, destroy or misuse it.

Shurrush’s Mirrored Manor
Sixth Circle illusionism spell
Threads: 3
Weaving: 12/21
Range: Touch
Duration: Rank days
Effect: Willforce + 7
Casting: Target’s Spell Defense
Illusion. Thus spells makes a building appear as a ruin. While weaving the threads for the the spell, the illusionist may decide whether to include or exclude some, all or none of the building’s furnishings and other items contained within it in this illusionary appearance of ruin and neglect. The spell is then cast versus the highest Spell Defense among the objects to be affected. The difficulty of Sensing or Disbelieving Shurrush’s Mirrored Manor is determined by its effect. Any other illusions cast by the illusionist which also affect the building or any of its contents included in the illusion of ruin, have the difficulty for Sensing or Disbelieving them increased to be the same as the difficulty for Shurrush’s Mirrored Manor itself (unless they were harder to Sense or Disbelief to begin with).

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