Days of Ruin: Plant III/3C – a ruin for Unknown Armies

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 15: Unknown Armies.

Plant III/3C

People will have a hard time telling you what company used to operate this abandoned factory or when it was closed down. “Automotive industry” and “during the crisis” is probably the closest you will get. The underground will not be much more helpful – even if we assumed for a moment that being helpful were to be on the agenda of those involved with the occult underground. But you might be able to tease out some vague rumour cum conspiracy theory of a failed ascension as the Captain of Industry, or of the Room of Failed Industry, or of the Room of Automation falling prey to one of its siblings, or of the secret war against the spirit of Detroit, or any number of other crackpot theories about the secret meaning of changes in manufacturing industries. The one thing they all will have in common is the idea of power connected to the site. The truth.

Assembling a car in the plant using only the machinery on site acts as a charging ritual generating a single minor charge. If the car is sold, this charge changes into a significant charge as long as it has not been used up already.

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