Tage des Ruins: The Last Wall – a ruin for Earthdawn

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 12: Earthdawn.

The Last Wall

The Last Wall is a line of slightly raised ground, worn down to almost nothing in many parts, not only by the elements’ unceasing work, but also by the hands of namegivers who spread its unusually fertile rich red soil over their fields.

The Last Wall was constructed by the defenders of a kaer that still lay open and partially unfinished when the Scourge began. While behind them namegivers streamed down into the kaer as work on its seals continued at a feverish pace, and in front of them unknown horrors began to unfold, the kaer-to-be’s mightiest adepts swore that they would hold the wall for as long as it took to seal the kaer, knowing full well that they themselves would thus be trapped outside.

On the site of the Last Wall, characters may ignore the normal prerequisites for swearing a blood sworn blood oath. However, if such an oath sworn on the Last Wall is broken, it causes two additional blood wounds.

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