Sun Wasp and I Taichi – flyers and pilots for Waste World


Sun Wasp
Sun Wasps are combat Zekts that have their poison stingers removed and replaced by a symbionic bio-blaster. While the modification is easy enough for a skilled symbionicist, it takes an unconventional Zekt Rider to accept its potential and use it to full effect. As such, Sun Wasps are few and far between.

A Sun Wasp is a Zekt with 15 LF and is implanted with a bio-blaster that can be fired by the rider.

…and pilots

I Taichi
Taichi, who insists on being adressed with his full name including the appelation of his former clan, is a disgraced samurai from the Shogunate. He now works as an armed courier in Hydra, where he has exchanged his customary skimmer bike for a Sun Wasp, bringing exactly the attitude and mix of skills with him that most Hydran Zekt Riders lack to make the most use of the Sun Wasp’s particular abilities.

Occupation: Courier
Metrozone: Shogunate
ST +1
DX +1
IN 0
PW 0
MR 5
LF 12
Advantages: Ambidextrous, Karmachip, Way of the Boar.
Special Powers: Tau, Bladeshield, Tusker Megacharge.
Skills: Unarmed Combat (Brawling) +1, Martial Arts +1, Tusk Fist +1, Head Butt, Boar Charge +1, Blade +3, Forceblade +3, Quickdraw (Forceblade) +2, Rifle (Blaster) +1, Ride (Zekt) +3.
Equipment: Medium Ceramic Armor (AR: 6), Forceblade, Sun Wasp Zekt.
Disadvantages: Ronin, Samurai Code of Honor (Total), Overconfidence (Strong).

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