Silver Spoon and General Jaime Crystal Nagopov – ships and captains for Unknown Mobile Suit


Silver Spoon
The Silver Spoon is a prototype land battleship of the Earth Federation. Other than the Big Tray and Heavy Fork classes with their superheavy artillery, the Silver Spoon is designed as a mobile airbase and itself only armed with light self defense weapons. With the outbreak of the war, priority was given to the mass production of proven and reliable weapon systems and so the Silver Spoon remains a unique landship. As she acts as a local force multiplier to the already superior air assets of the Federation, the Zeonic invaders have a great deal of respect for her and even fear her. Even rumours of her presence in a sector can provoke rank 2-3 Helplessness stress rolls in Zeonic troops.

…and captains

General Jaime Crystal Nagopov
General J. C. Nagopov is the living embodiment of a political compromise. He views himself as an interim commander, taking charge of the vessel only until the deadlock over control of the Silver Spoon gets finally resolved. As such, his absolute priority at all times is the safety of the prototype vessel itself.

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