Widening Circles: Safach – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the twenty-second day.

Safach, the Dragonslayer, is a minor circle deity of Tharn. Legends abound of how and why it came to pass that the dragons drove the gods of the circle from Freeya and banished them into the great void. Most speak of the dragons’ greed and lust for power, of how they would not share the world with the gods. But one tale tells of Safach and his elevation. It tells of how Tharn, enflamed by Safach’s sheer willpower, his might and skill, let all of his own power shine upon and through the exhausted dragonslayer as he stood over the giant corpse of the great wyrm he had just vanquished. It tells of how fear and premonition began to creep into the dragons’ hearts.

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