Widening Circles: Merelia – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the fifth day.

Merelia is a minor circle deity of Valan. Once upon a time as the young woman Merelia reached the age for marriage, her parents picked a husband for her. But Merelia could find no love in her heart for her future husband, so she fled into the woods. On a clearing, she encountered a giant wolf and in her desperation she called upon every god she knew to protect her from the giant beast. Her prayers were answered. The wolf took human form and the god Valan stood before her.

The god wanted to know why she was alone in these dangerous woods and she explained how she escaped an unwanted marriage. Valan transformed the clearing they were standing on into a sanctified shelter for her to rest in. He told her she would be save here and could stay as long as she wanted. She thanked him and he left. A year later he returned to the clearing and could not understand why she had not left this place behind, but he noticed how much the place had changed. He left again but returned another year later, and the year after, and every year after that. And every time the shelter he created transformed, changed, and evolved in new and interesting ways. Eventually, the two became lovers and she would give birth to the divine child Veleae.

The years passed, Merelia grew old and gray. Veleae knew that her mother would die soon, so she searched every continent of Freeya to find her father. As she finally succeeded, she begged him to see her mother one final time. They returned to see Merelia together with Barar. In this moment, Valan realized that he could not allow his sister to take Merelia with her. He elevated Merelia into the circle and she became the goddess of home and hearth.

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