Widening Circles: Kiza – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the twenty-fifth day.

Kiza is a minor circle deity of Barar.

Kiza was the first mortal to commit suicide. Religious imagery typically depicts the moment as Kiza steps before Barar. Kiza herself is most often shown only from behind, heavily veiled or otherwise obscured, and her figure thus acts more as a stand-in for the faithful themselves. The focus always rests on the welcoming figure of Barar, who embodies both death and the act of judging oneself, and on her siblings Tharn, who represents the courage to commit the deed, and Relthea, representing the intensity of the emotions, who stand to Barars sides holding her hands as she greets Kiza. Many artists also add Areja to these pictures, standing aside from the main group and looking on disapprovingly. Sometimes, Valan or Golog are added in a similar fashion, though these have no basis in Kiza’s actual lore or legend. Kiza’s image and name are often abused for personal attacks and trying to bully people into committing suicide.

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