Widening Circles: Jonock – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the fifteenth day.

Jonock is a minor circle deity of Golog. Curiously, Golog touched and poked the body of the drowned man he had found. As he noticed that no life remained in the body, he knelt down and leaned in very, very closely and blew new consciousness into the lifeless form by filling the waterlogged lungs with his own pestilent breath. The name of Jonock, the god of drowning, is mostly only invoked in curses and evil spells. Even the practice of offering sacrifices to him long before and far away from the beginning of a planned ocean or river voyage to mislead him, is looked upon very dimly by most, as such offerings are thought to merely draw Jonock’s attention to other travellers. Jonock and his elevation to the circle are surrounded by a body of dark legends attributing him with other domains or linking him to Golog’s siblings, from the tales that he was still alive when Golog found him and he thus became not just the god of drowning oneself but also the god of drowning others, to the stories that claim that Golog’s sisters Relthea or Areja – or even both of them together – were the ones who killed him in the first place.

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