SHIVER Unit Control Disengagement Auditing – not a step back in SLA Industries

Not yielding an inch to RPGaDay!

Established already well before the Bellwood Campaign lend it more widespread infamy, the SHIVER Unit Control Disengagement Auditing procedures (known as the SUC Dis amongst the ranks) is an internally conducted debriefing and review process for SHIVER units which have broken off (i.e., retreated from) contact with hostiles within the urban perimeters of Downtown, Suburbia or reclaimed territories in the Cannibal Sectors. Though officially quoted as the main objectives of the procedure, in truth, tactical evaluation and intelligence gathering are decidedly secondary priorities after instilling fear into its subjects. Being marked for auditing is a 2 PS source of stress for a SHIVER, the audit itself causing another 1 AS 4 PS even without findings and may lead to further consequences (and subsequent stress) in case of any findings against the individual or unit. A SHIVER who suffers a breakdown due to an audit is likely to develop a distinct reluctance to retreat from engagements in the future (treat as Phobia disadvantage).

(The results of the audit, by the way, are a matter of luck even under the best of circumstances.)

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