Pain Caryatids – sciene-gone-too-far in Rogue Trader

Science-goes-too-far in Rogue Trader for the second time:

Pain Caryatids

Pain Caryatids (or Melionai as they are also called) once were craftworld ghost warriors who were captured by their Commorite cousins and were unfortunate enough not to be rendered down for sport and raw materials but instead delivered reasonably intact into the claws of the haemonculi. Some of these twisted creatures of the Phoenex persuasion have started to remake the noble warrior spirits in their wraithbone bodies into insane murder constructs, grotesques cast not in tortured and melded flesh but in once pristine crystal.

They achieve this by performing on them variations of the tortures commonly reserved for corrupting the small fragments of wraithbone used in the likes of the terrorfex and other Dark Eldar weapons, only a hundredfold more elaborate and intense and taking much of this work onto themselves instead of entrusting their dead victims to the cruder attentions of their wrack assistants.

Pain Caryatids use the profiles of the original wraithbone constructs from which they were created.

All Pain Caryatids possess Berserk Charge and Frenzy as additional talents. They may not voluntarily enter a frenzy but immediately enter a frenzied state when they fail a Wraithsight test.

Some of them may have some or even all of their usual weapons replaced by Dark Eldar weaponry of a similar size and type.

If they fail a test for their Wraithsight, instead of wandering off they lash out and attack the nearest creature in a frenzy regardless whether it is friend or foe. If no creature is within range, they direct their attacks against themselves trying to drown out their anguished confusion with more concrete pain.

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