Remex Servitor – an artificical servant for Rogue Trader

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While servitors are used on pretty much every voidship, ships with fully servitorised crews are far from common. Most often employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus on smaller research vessels which may have as little as a single magos as the only non-servitor being on board, some rogue traders with enough gelt and the right connections have also been known to replace all but an inner circle of their command crew with servitors.

Remex Servitor Crew (Supplemental Component)
All ratings and most of the officers of the ship have been replaced with specialised servitors.

Unfeeling: Crew morale is permanently set to 80. The ship neither suffers morale losses, nor can it replenish or gain morale.

Binary Command: Explorers with the Binary Chatter talent may add their +10 bonus to communicate with servitors to all Command tests.

Appropriate Hull Types: All
Power: 1
Space: 0
SP: 2

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