Palisada Defence Choir versus Sarayberoe – a rivalry for Dark Heresy

Rival-a-Day, Day 22

Palisada Defence Choir
A triumph of the Adeptus Mechanicus and their mastery over the secrets of the Dark Age of Technology, the Palisada defence choir was discovered on the hiveworld of Sarayberoe. The relic defence system consists of light self-mobile sentry platforms, gun servitors, CATs and servo-skulls, all equipped to connect to the hives’ sensor phalanxes and cogitator banks, all part of a most complex and beautiful weave of datastreams linking their machine spirits together into a greater whole. When revolt broke out on Sarayberoe, this ancient system was revived by a group of loyal tech adepts and now again protects the hives and their infrastructure with infallible precision.

Since the reactivation of the defence choir and the quick end it made of the original revolt, Sarayberoe is under siege. Unfeeling snipers glide through maintenance tunnels on their eerily silent repulsor fields or clamp unmoving and near invisible under chameoline coatings to high vaulted ceilings before opening fire on priority targets, such as illegal gatherings like the lines in front of a bakery or on identified terrorist sabotage teams like the shocked tech adepts who tried to shut the great data looms down again. Sarayberoe’s population finds itself locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse, trapped between the need to keep going all the processes and machines that make possible life within the hives and the necessities of their own daily existence on the one side and the predations of the Palisada.

This could easily have ended up as an article for a completely different setting, as the underlying idea of the population trapped and besieged by their own defense measures (in the form of a network of automated sniper systems) was originally independent of a specific setting and I went over a couple of possibilities before finally settling for Dark Heresy.

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