Emergency Conversion Servitor – an artificical opponent for Dark Heresy

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEditionEmergency Conversion Servitor

Correctly performing any of the myriad wonders of the Machine God takes time and care. This also holds true for the arcane arts and rituals of servitor creation. However, luxuries such as time are not always available and the priesthood of Mars may feel a need to rush their sacred rites. If new servitors are direly needed, as little as a quick surgical scourging of useless higher brain functions and a short binary ejaculation of basic instructions may suffice for the emergency conversion of whatever human raw materials are available.

Emergency Conversion Servitor

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
10 05 as converted human as converted human as converted human 10 15 30 05




Movement: 1/2/3/6
Wounds: 10

Traits: Machine (1)
Weapons: Fist
Armour: Servitor machine-flesh (all 1).
Threat Rating: Hereticus Minima

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