MV-19 Zweihander – a new mech for CthulhuTech


MV-19 Zweihander

Type: Long Range Artillery Mech
Size: Large (40′ tall)

At the outbreak of the second Arcanotech War, the MV-19 existed only as a concept study. At first, nothing changed about this, as the production of other Sword-class Mecha took priority. By now, however, after the loss of gigantic swathes of territory to the NEG’s many enemies, resources have finally been made available to construct a first run of prototypes of this heavy “bunker-buster” mech.

It is hoped that this new conventional weapon system will help the NEG to regain the initiative and carry the offensive back into the occupied territories of Europe and Asia – and maybe into Antarctica as well.

In such attacks, the planned role of the Zweihander is to engage and destroy military installations and hardened fortifications of the Migou and other foes from a distance using its payload of potent long range missiles. Thus enabling the main assault by other machines to successfully achieve a breakthrough.

Control Response (Agility) 0
Sensors (Perception) +1
Frame (Strength) 7
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) +1
Warning Systems (Reflex) +1

Sensory Systems
Broadband Audio
Long Range Nightvision
Targeting (+1)

Support Systems
Ejector System
Life Support

Ground Speed: 30 mph (74/18 ypt)
Acceleration Code: C [2/2]
Jumping Distance: Double (40/20)
Jump Pods

Integrity 25
Armor 2/2
Damage Control Systems 1/turn

Weapon Systems
Chaff Dispenser
Long Range Missile Rack (Large)
Laser Cannon (Large)
AP Cannon (Large)

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