Mk-15 Censor – a new mech for CthulhuTech


Mk-15 Censor

Type: Heavy Security Mech
Size: Medium (26′ tall)

Designed and produced by Armorcorp, the same subsidiary of the Chrysalis Corporation which is also responsible for the Crusader and Centurion powered armors, the Censor is their first forray into heavier mecha designs. While significantly larger than the Crusader or the Centurion, it shares the former design’s general mission profile as a civilian police/security unit and the latter’s modular system architecture. In the hands of enforcement agencies, perhaps the Censor’s biggest asset is its prodigious size compared to the powered armors normally employed. For sheer intimidation factor nothing short of a similar sized military machine will do. It would be a mistake however, to think size – and raw power – were the only things going for the Censor. If necessary, it can employ a variety of lethal and non-lethal weapon systems to deal with anything from major riots to heavy construction machinery to infiltrating enemy troops.

Control Response (Agility) 0
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 6
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) +1
Warning Systems (Reflex) +1

Sensory Systems
Broadband Audio

Support Systems
Manipulator Arms
Sealed System
Storage Compartment

Ground Speed: 30 mph (74/18 ypt)
Acceleration Code: B [2/1]
Jumping Distance: Double (20/10)
Jump Pods

Integrity 20
Armor 3/3
Damage Control Systems 1/turn

Weapon Systems
Mk-15A: AP Cannon (Medium), Fog Projector, Grav Bomb (Medium), Tentacle Sheathe (Medium)
Mk-15M: AP Cannon (Medium), Laser Cannon (Medium), Hyperedge Blade (Medium)

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