MI-21 Dagger – a new mech for CthulhuTech


MI-21D Dagger

Type: Anti-infantry Mech
Size: Small (16′ tall)

Like the Zweihander, the Dagger anti-infantry mech is a specialised design and a latecomer to the Sword-series mecha.
While mecha reign supreme on many battlefields, infantry still poses a credible threat to unsupported mecha, especially within the confines of arcologies and other built-up terrain. The most common solution to this problem is for mecha to operate in combined arms units with support from friendly infantry. This approach, however, risks to negate the inherent mobility and logistics advantages of a mecha combat group.

The aim of the Dagger design is to circumvent this problem by providing a mecha formation with superior anti-infantry capabilities. The specialised mech is meant to support the rest of its unit and shield them from infantry attack, leaving them free to concentrate on their own main tasks such as enganging enemy mecha and monsters. Scimitar artillery mecha benefit especially from such pairings with Daggers.

The Dagger is armed with a flamethrower and multiple AP cannons for engaging infantry at range and a hyperedge blade for destroying smaller powered armours in close assault. Its armour is quite heavy concering its size, lending it superior protection against the kind of weapons mostly carried by its intended prey. This increased protection however, slows the Dagger down considerably compared to other designs in its size class. Given its intended deployment in combined units with larger and heavier mecha, this is seen as a small tradeoff.

Control Response (Agility) 0
Sensors (Perception) +1
Frame (Strength) 3
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) +1
Warning Systems (Reflex) +1

Sensory Systems
Broadband Audio
Targeting (+1)

Support Systems
Ejector System
Life Support
Manipulator Arms

Ground Speed: 30 mph (74/18 ypt)
Acceleration Code: C [2/2]
Jumping Distance: Double (10/5)
Jump Pods

Integrity 10
Armor 2/2
Damage Control Systems 1/turn

Weapon Systems
AP Cannon (Small)
AP Cannon (Small)
Hyperedge Blade (Small)

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