Leonidov and Skymarshall Anna Grigorovna Oktyabrskaya – ships and captains for The Red Star


The Leonidov is an early sky furnace, characterised by her large transport capacity mostly used to carry the APKs of fully mechanized infantry formations and her lack of missile armament. She was one of the first Red Fleet vessel to cross into Al’Istaan at the beginning of the URRS’ intervention.

Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Damage Reduction
Leonidov 10,000 15,000 160,000 tons -8 -8 150 (15) 2 60 (+12)
Name Hit Points Size Weight Hardpoints Purchase DC Restriction Weapons Extras
Leonidov 1500 C 300,000 tons 1350 (0) 56 Mil (+3) Isolator tunnel (48); ventral blast furnace coils (6); Markov truss cannon (28); Heavy DSHK deck gun (1,030); Katyusha, 1000mm (45) Protocol-reinforced armor, protocol shielding systems, Crypsis systems

…and captains

Skymarshall Anna Grigorovna Oktyabrskaya
The aging skymarshall (Red Fleet Officer level 16) is a witness to much of the Red Fleet’s evolution, holding her first posts and commands when its striking power still rested in enormous battleship trains instead of skyfurnaces. Her command of the first skyfurnace to cross into Al’Istaan was meant to lend gravitas to what many considered a diplomatic mission of providing moral and technical support with limited if any active combat.

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The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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